Closer To Home

Funding Progress: 73.1% Complete ($1,827,500 Raised)

Thanks to our generous community of donors and volunteers, the campaign has received enough funding to support 70 beds of the 96 total needed!

Quick Overview

  • Deep River & District Health is building a 96-Bed Long-Term Care Home to replace the existing 14-bed Four Seasons Lodge
  • We need to raise a total $2.5M to support the project
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-2024

How Will This Home Impact The Community? 

  • Increase long-term care availability
  • Ease the three-year wait list
  • Enhance equitable access to care

Healthcare Sustainability

  • Improve efficiency across the entire health campus
  • Secure the ability to serve people for generations

200+ New Jobs

  • Provide over $5M in wages to new employees
  • Bring a significant economic boost to our community
  • Attract further growth and investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions about the project and the Closer To Home campaign. Let’s answer a few of them:

Why Do We Need To Raise Money For This Project?
Deep River & District Health is responsible for funding the project upfront. The resources to accomplish this will come from Provincial Grants, debt financing and fundraising efforts. Once the home is in operation, the Ministry of Long-Term Care will provide a construction funding subsidy annually based on a pre-determined formula, not the cost of the home. The fundraising target of $2.5M was determined based on financing availability and the anticipated cost of the project.

Why Does My Donation Matter?
Your gift is an investment into the wider future of healthcare availability in our community—not just for long-term care, but for everyone. The home will contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of the area by providing 200 new jobs and $125M+ in direct wages to staff over 25 years and beyond. Your donation means that the project can be completed and the building can be sustainable for generations.

How Will My Donation Be Recognized?
All levels of giving are greatly appreciated and certainly make a difference in the success of the campaign. All gifts or pledges over $5,000 given prior to the opening date will be recognized on a permanent display in the new building, with tiers according to giving level.

What About Naming Or Dedication Opportunities?
There are a variety of options for a memorial or dedication plaque for either yourself or someone special to you.

Can I Purchase Something Specific For The Home?
Yes, there are a variety of designated giving options. Ask us about them!

Can I Make A Multi-Year Pledge?
Yes, we can arrange a giving schedule that suits you. If you wish to make a pledge, become a member of the Circle of Giving through automatic withdrawals from a chequing account or credit card on a monthly basis. If you wish to be listed on the permanent dedication plaque in the finished home, please discuss this prior to starting your membership to ensure you will meet the minimum $5,000 goal before the move-in date.

Will I Get A Tax Receipt?
Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for any donation above $20. Receipts will be mailed annually during tax season.

How Can I Volunteer?
There are many ways to help the Foundation. Please email or call 613-584-3333 x7140.

Can I Reserve A Spot In The Home For Myself Or A Loved One?
Please visit for more information about making a referral or joining the waitlist for long-term care.

What Will The Home Be Called?
The planned name is Four Seasons Lodge.

When Will The Home Be Finished?
The anticipated move-in date will be in 2026.

Will The Home Be Connected Physically To The Hospital?
There is no planned indoor connection to the Hospital at this time. The entire health campus will continue to share resources and work closely together.

What If I Have A Different Question?
We invite you to email your question to

How Can I Donate?
You have several options. Please visit or mail a cheque or cash to 117 Banting Drive, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0 with C/O DRDH Foundation on the envelope. Please make cheques out to the “Deep River & District Hospital Foundation” with memo: Closer To Home. Thank you!