Sep 1, 2022

August Deep 50/50 Grand Prize

Congratulations to Dale Pennock of Deep River! She had winning ticket #99000875010 which allowed her to claim the Grand Prize Draw for August. Congratulations and enjoy the $5,980 prize.

The Deep 50/50 August Draw had excellent community support, and the excitement will continue to grow into the Fall! If you haven’t already, buy your tickets before Sept. 15th to enter the September Early Bird and Grand Prize draw with the same bundle of tickets. All of the money raised by the September draw—and future months—will go towards the $2.5M Closer To Home campaign for the 96-bed Long-Term Care Home on the Deep River & District Hospital Campus. We are lucky to have many volunteers who assist with ticket sales.

Find us every Wednesday between 11am - 5pm at Jan's Valumart or at the DRDH Gift Shop, and purchase a bundle of tickets to grow the prize and help us all get Closer To Home. Thanks for supporting the Deep River & District Hospital Foundation. Tickets are also available online at— and the winner list for previous draws is available at