Jan 6, 2023

Healthcare Hero: Dr. P Ceponis

Congratulations to Dr. Pete Ceponis, who was recognized as a Healthcare Hero! Dr. Ceponis joined our wonderful group of physicians here in Deep River in 2021, but he has actually been a part of the DRDH team, providing compassionate care for patients in the Emergency Department, since 2012.

The donor who recognized Dr. Ceponis wanted to share the following message of thanks:

“I have made this donation in recognition of the devoted and compassionate service that I received from Dr. Ceponis and Hospital Nursing Staff during my stay at DRDH in 2022. I am deeply indebted, alive and well, due to this care.”

What a wonderful way to start off the new year with gratitude! Is there someone you would like to recognize as a Healthcare Hero? Making a donation in their honour is the perfect way to say thank you. Visit https://drdhfoundation.com/give and select "Healthcare Heroes" under the dedication option to recognize your Hero today.