Jul 31, 2023

Interview With Suzanne D'Eon, Mayor of The Town of Deep River

We recently spoke with the Mayor of The Town of Deep River, Suzanne D'Eon, about the upcoming 96-Bed Long-Term Care Home project. Topics included housing, Town of Deep River support for the construction, and how the home will impact the community.

Since the interview was held, The Town of Deep River Council also voted YES on two grants for the project: one for $55,000, and another $10,000 to help cover expenses for the Run For Home 2023 event. These grants have boosted our progress towards fulfilling the $2.5M Closer To Home campaign fundraising goal, which is currently at 29.3% completion. Town of Deep River council has also voted to send a community challenge letter to Laurentian Hills, Petawawa, Head Claire Maria and the County of Renfrew from the Mayor on behalf of Council.

Special thanks to Mayor Suzanne D'Eon for taking the time to speak with us! 😁