Aug 4, 2023

Kailynne Clemens-LeBel Becomes Youngest Person On Tree of Caring

Today, Kailynne Clemens-LeBel became the youngest person on our Tree of Caring by raising $1,200 for the Closer To Home campaign!

She was awarded with a First Place certificate in the Run For Home 2023 pledge collection competition and her name was engraved in the "Friends" category on the Tree. She worked very hard to encourage her friends, family, and neighbours to give to the Closer To Home campaign. She even set a goal to upgrade her name to the next donor category on the Tree, although guessed that it might take a few Run events ☺️

Congratulations Kailynne, you inspire us all! Thanks for the huge effort! 😁

More information on the Closer To Home campaign is available here: