Nov 29, 2022

Why I Give: "To Support Our Community"

“I am relatively new to Deep River, but I know that I am here to stay. Already this town has provided so much for me –a job, friends, purpose, and peace. There are many ways to say my thanks for these provisions and I have chosen to support our community by giving to the Foundation. Building this new Long-term Care Home, in my opinion, is so critical for Deep River as it provides a way for our aging community members to stay in the town they’ve loved for so long. It will also provide many job opportunities –good, stable, jobs- for our community. Caring for our elderly and helping bring jobs to Deep River are two causes that I believe in whole-heartedly and are the reason I am proud to support the Foundation by giving weekly.”

Rebekah Thompson, DRDH Team Member

For #GivingTuesday 2022, we are celebrating with "Why I Give" stories from members of the community! Donors, volunteers, and supporters were asked: "Why do you support DRDH?" and the replies we received were inspiring and motivating.